Case study

BT digital strategy


The BTPS has over 450,000 members. Concert provides communications consultancy services and has implemented a new digital strategy to engage the membership. The Trustee felt that members were not sufficiently engaged and so carried out some qualitative research – which confirmed this suspicion. Responses around the BAU requests, such as Expression of Wish forms were low and the administrators were receiving the ‘wrong sort of questions’ and way too many of them!

Insightful solution

Concert recommended merging a new digital strategy with a more targeted approach to paper communications. We created a new pensions brand which took its design prompts from the architectural interest points from the BT property portfolio. It was clear to us that members were craving a central hub … so we got to work designing, writing, and building a new pensions website.

At the same time we created member category specific paper communications that drove members to both the new website and the secure member portal. We revamped the tone of voice to reflect a more relaxed approach and used a series of simple graphics to explain some of the more challenging content.

Real-world results

36% of members have already signed up to to digital communications (across all audiences). This means they get SMS prompts to drive them towards, not only the website, but digital content such as the interactive eNewsletter. Feedback has been massively positive from the members and the client. We are targeting 50% by the end of 2020 and we won’t stop there.