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Introducing Concert,
a Buck company

We’re bringing our ability to design, develop, and deliver outstanding engagement solutions to a wider world.

We know it’s a big, complex world out there so at Concert, a Buck company, we like to change how people think and act by refining that complexity. We’re good at it too – providing pensions and employee benefit communications services to over three million employees and plan members.

As the challenges faced by our clients evolve and develop, so must we. As part of the Buck family we can broaden our offering and bring new technologies to bear more quickly – combining our ‘boutique’ style with real scale and our creative drive with best-in-class technical thinking.

We’ve recently welcomed Caburn Hope, a strategic employee communications agency, into the fold. The addition of Caburn Hope complements and amplifies our current capabilities by strengthening our employee communications offering. Our shared approach, providing tech-enabled, personalised solutions, means our new full-service, employee communications practice in the U.K. will have a positive impact across the entire member and employee experience.

We’re still Concert. But with the addition of Caburn Hope – and as part of Buck -- we’re better.

News and insights

Annual enrollment for 2022: Not business as usual?

It’s an understatement to say work and life have been anything but “business as unusual” since early 2020. And we’re still evolving and recovering. What does that mean for annual enrollment this year?

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Something for everyone: How technology and digitalisation can improve the experience of employee benefits for all, regardless of location.

Our recent research with REBA highlighted that 66% of organisations already use technology for their employee benefits, with a further 22% either in the development stage or considering it in the next 12 months. This confirms what most of us probably already knew: benefits technology is on the rise.

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Taking care in the sun

One of the major impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown was a loss of freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted and where we wanted. We could not take advantage of the summer in the same way as normal, with holidays abroad being cancelled and travel restrictions at home making it difficult to visit even our own beaches, unless you were fortunate enough to live on the coast!

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Buck podcast series – episode five of provider insight series

In the next episode in Buck’s Talking tomorrow, today podcast provider insight series, Jodi Geddes from Circle In shares how providing support for working parents is an essential consideration for forward-thinking organisations, and suggests simple, manageable ways companies can take action to better support parents.

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Spotlight: Our work with clients

Case studies

First, Concert Consulting became Concert, a Buck company.

Now, we’ve expanded, welcoming Caburn Hope into the Buck family.

The addition of Caburn Hope complements and amplifies our current capabilities by strengthening our employee communications offering.

Better together.