Case study

Royal Mail Expression of Wish


Our client with a very large member population wanted to increase awareness and engagement around members completing Expression of Wish forms and asked for our help.

We recoginised that this was a problem for most Trustees and thought about the best way forward that would get maximum response from the Plan members.

The answer was to make it as simple as possible for members to complete and send back their form after all everyone is busy and let's be honest are pensions always at the front of mind for people, especially around a subject most people do not want to think about.

Insightful solution

Most pension plans ask members to either call or download an Expression of Wish form which quite often puts people off; they have trouble finding the contact details or where to download the form and very often lose interest.

We decided to take the effort out of it and use a mailing that was already going out to maximise on cost savings. We used the Plan newsletter to write an article explaining why it is important to have an up to date Expression of Wish form and included the form along with a pre paid return addressed envelope. All members needed to do was to complete the form and pop it in the letterbox.

Real-world results

The results speak for themselves, we started receiving forms back within a couple of days of the newsletters landing and this has continued everyday. Within three months of this campaign going out 85% of members had returned an Expression of Wish form. Obviously these results are fantastic however we still use every chance we get to nudge members old and new by using the website and the occasional article.