23 February 2021

Are you cyber security savvy?

Are you cyber security savvy?

What is cyber security then? An official definition is the ‘application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber-attacks.’

There’s been a significant increase in cyber-crime as we’re spending more and more time online. With one in three UK workers currently based exclusively at home, this remote working continues to impact businesses, large and small.

It’s important for individuals and families to be aware of what to do if something happens to them. The National Cyber Security Centre has put together some helpful information.

Take a look at some extra tips:

  • Review your passwords – if you use the same one for multiple accounts, it’s worth changing it. You can download LastPass, a free, safe and secure app to store passwords as well as autogenerate them. Other password managers are available such as Dashlane and Keeper.
  • Set up ‘two factor authentication’ (2FA) – this is to secure your online banking/shopping/social media accounts (where available). You would sign into your account using your usual password and then the second stage would send you a specific code to your mobile phone or email address so you can verify that it’s really you.
  • Check your email address – see if it has been compromised in any online scams on haveibeenpwned. Simply type your email address in the box and it’ll tell you if there’s been any data breaches associated with it.
  • Company computers – if you’re using your work laptop, it’s likely that your IT team will have already installed everything you need, but if there is anything suspicious, or something doesn’t seem quite right, call them immediately!

Remember to take care online. Don’t give away your personal information if you’re unsure. If something does happen, make sure you report it to Action Fraud.

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